Together we can make a difference in the fight against hunger

Thank you to all of our Empty Bowls supporters!

EBVP is grateful to have generous and talented supporters providing financial resources, food, handcrafted bowls, silent auction items,
volunteers and entertainment for our event.

image of cups of soup from Circa resturant

We are grateful to our restaurant supporters who make our event delicious!

Circa 1918
The Point
Park Lane Tavern
Thank Goodness It's Home Made
Circa 1918

Circa 1918 located in Newport News



The Point

The Point located in Hampton.


Schlesinger's located in Newport News

Park Lane Tavern

Park Lane Tavern located in Hampton

Thank Goodness It's Home Made

LaBodega located in Hampton

Thank you to entertainers who donated their services

Classical Guitarist Robin Welch
Magical Solutions, Inc!
Violinist Paulina Pintzke

Special Thanks to Those Providing Extraordinary Services

Kelly S. O’Neill
Mike Moore
Peninsula Fine Arts Center
Starving Artists Studio
The Type Factory

Businesses, Individuals, Artists, and Designers providing art, funding, and other services to support this event

Elaine Abrams
Millie Arthur
BJ’s Wholesale Club
Jim Bales Financial, LLC
Liz Barrows
Cindy Benson
Thomas Bradshaw
Neeta Chulani
Gloria Coker
Diane Craft
Betsy Decker
Tom Delsandro
Ellen DeMaria
Inga-Charlotte Doerp
Penny Duke
Trina Duncan
Rick Erickson
Marcel Fincher
Trish Glaab
Betsy Golden
Daniel Goodwin
Kathy Goodwyn
Rosemary Gray
Judy Green
Sharon Gustafson
Susan Haberer
Hampton Arts/ American Theatre
Hampton History Museum
Barbara Harris
Stocky and Rose Hobart
Stormy Hudson
Edie Hughes
Patricia Isenhour
J. Jill Retail Store
Deb Jackson
James City County Ceramics Program
James City County Recreation Center Pottery Students
Terry James
Elizabeth Krome
Joelle Keffer
Lorraine’s Spa
M2 Pictures
Allison Marshall
Cyndi Masterstaff
Marcella McDevitt
Beth Moore
Chuck Mosser
Lisa Mosser
Richard Muhich
Lillian Muhich
Darlene Mundy
Pam Oden
Doris Ogg
Gail Pascaris
Sarah Phillips
O’Neal’s Photography
Bill Pinkham
Pauline Pintzke
Sherry Riley
Alice Rosen
Salters Creek Spa
Robin Short
Allison Slattery
Patty Swan
Akiko Tanaka
Trader Joe’s
John Tobin
Beth Turbeville
Marley Ungaro
Cathy Walsh
Gloria Walters
Dawn Woods

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Empty Bowls Virginia Peninsula

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